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EastEnders SPOILERS: 25-31 March

EastEnders Spoilers 13

Next week in EastEnders is set to be an explosive, emotional week in Walford where buried secrets come crashing to the surface.

EastEnders SPOILERS: 18-24 March

EastEnders Spoilers 12

Next week in EastEnders, could things be finally looking up for a Walford favourite? Will Preston decide who he really wants to be with? And will Lauren be able to make her relationship with Peter work?

EastEnders SPOILERS: 11-17 March

EastEnders Spoilers 11

Next week in EastEnders, with Shirley banged up, another leak in the Queen Vic and Tina struggling with Sylvie, it’s a big week for the Carters.

EastEnders SPOILERS: 4-10 March

EastEnders Spoilers 10

Next week in EastEnders, Martin is called to Bex’s school, Lauren tries to entice Steven and Ian is given his latests test results.

EastEnders SPOILERS: 25 February – 3 March

EastEnders Spoilers 9

Next week in EastEnders, Ian starts planning for when he’s not around, there’s a pancake race and Mick continues to try and solve his financial problems.

EastEnders SPOILERS: 18-24 February

EastEnders Spoilers 8

Next week in EastEnders, Whitney’s worried, Bex is wound up and Mick has a big bill coming his way!

EastEnders SPOILERS: 11-17 February

EastEnders Spoilers 7

Next week in EastEnders, Bex moves on, Jane goes for a check-up and Ben and Jay have a look around number 18.

EastEnders SPOILERS: 4-10 February

NEW EastEnders 6

Next week in EastEnders, Shakil is in trouble, Mick’s stress levels reach a peak and Jack can’t work Glenda out.

EastEnders SPOILERS: 14-20 January

NEW EastEnders 3

Next week in EastEndersPhil drops a bombshell, Aunt Babe gets a final warning and Ronnie and Roxy are laid to rest.

eastenders spoilers: 7-13 january


Next week in EastEnders, Mick gets desperate, Shirley’s suspicious of Denise and Dot worries about her cat.

eastenders spoilers: 2-6 january


This week in EastEnders, everyone’s coming to terms with  the tragic events from the day of Ronnie and Jack’s wedding.

eastenders spoilers: 1 january


On New Year’s Day in EastEnders, the day of Ronnie and Jack’s wedding has arrived and things take a turn for the worst.

eastenders spoilers: 17-30 december


Coming up in EastEnders, the residents of Albert Square embrace Christmas and a familiar face is back.

eastenders spoilers: 10-16 december


Coming up in EastEnders, the children perform in the nativity, Ronnie and Roxy discuss everything that’s going on and Mick tries to rally spirits in the run up to Christmas.

eastenders spoilers: 3-9 december


Next week in EastEnders, things go from bad to worse for Roxy, Phil comforts Dennis and Bex and Shakil agree to take things to the next level.